Book One: Steady Days

One of my mini goals for January was to blog about the books I read. And although they all won't get their own post, Steady Days by Jamie Martin felt like one to share with all of you. I can't remember how I discovered it, but I downloaded it on a whim (Amazon kills me) and read the entire thing during the girls' quiet time. Something about it just spoke to my heart and head - there was so much practical advice, so many inspiring quotes, I couldn't set it down. The premise of the book is that being an intentional mom takes some routine and organization - the concept looks at the "professional" side of motherhood.

I decided to try and embrace them as wholeheartedly as possible, instead of fighting inner battles over the interruption of “my” time. This was my conversion experience. Once I was able to accept the fullness of my new life, it then became possible to enjoy it more.
— Jamie Martin, Steady Days

The book is broken up into four sections and forty short, manageable chapters. I think half of the beauty in the book is the setup. You can sit down and read it quickly and go back to it for reference. Or you take one of the small 2-3 page chapters and just spend a few minutes with it. Perfect for a mom with little ones.

The first section talks about organization and the helpfulness of routine.  At first, I felt a bit resistant about the idea of routine in my day. We tend to fly by night a lot and usually, I think it works. Or I thought it did. I spent this week contemplating our days. Dealing with the "transitions" of getting out the door for school or the end of free play and the start of something else. How rushed I feel and how that translates over in my communication with the kids. "Hurry up. Come on. Let's go! I asked you to brush your teeth four times."  And so I made a list of what we do during the day. Just generally with no time frames and added a few things that happen sporadically (errand running, outdoor time, structured play) and gave them a place each day. I'm going to give it a few weeks and update you on how it goes.

One of the other organizational tips is to make a binder with all of your household items - calendars, lists, meal plans. I've tried this before and failed but I'm giving it another shot. More on this in a later post.

The other sections talk about maintaining enthusiasm during the day, about learning together, and about making memories. Martin has so many lovely quotes about being intentional and loving in motherhood. I really felt inspired and will probably go back to these sections again and again when I feel like I need some guidance or centering.

A steady heart contains a sense of purpose, the idea that you know why you are doing what you’re doing, even down to the most mundane task.
— Jamie Martin, Steady Days

Have you read this book? Do you have another parenting book that you might recommend?

Have a happy weekend. xoxo.